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Christmas Light Installation Price Per Foot

christmas light installation price per foot

Before hiring a company to install your Christmas lights, you should talk to the installer about the style you want. Every home has its own style and feel, and a good installer will take the time to look at your home’s architectural features and landscape, and come up with design ideas that suit the setting and architecture. It is important to work with the installer, so you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

Cost of installing permanent christmas lights

The cost of installing permanent Christmas lights per foot can be high. The average cost is approximately $3,500, with some professionals offering packages for lower prices. The lights last for several years and can be controlled via a phone app. They can also be programmed for special occasions. Installing permanent lights also eliminates the hassle of hanging holiday lights each year. Most permanent lights are made of LED and can last for over 100,000 hours.

Before choosing a company to install your holiday lights, it’s important to discuss the details with the installer. This will allow you to estimate the costs. You can also ask about the materials involved in the installation. The installer can discuss the cost of the lights, strings, and cords.

Another factor in determining costs is the size of your house. If you have a multi-level residence, you should expect to pay more for installation than a simple ranch-style home. A multi-story home can cost as much as $1000 or more. The cost will increase if you have large trees or extensive landscaping. Also, you should be aware of the regulations in your neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have strict lighting rules. Before you decide on a contractor, you should find out if there are any restrictions on the amount of light coverage you can put on your property. Moreover, most Christmas light installers are booked months in advance. Therefore, you should make your booking as early as September so that they can ensure that you have enough time to install your Christmas lights.

Cost of installing incandescent lights

There are many options when it comes to lighting your home during the holidays. You can choose LED lights or incandescent lights. While incandescent lights are more traditional, LEDs are also a great option. They have many benefits, but can also be more expensive than incandescent lights.

Depending on the amount of lights you want to hang, you will have to calculate the cost per foot. In general, you should budget between $0.50 and $2 per foot. In addition, you should consider how many strands of lights you plan to buy. Typically, a 1,000 square foot home requires 10 to 20 strands of lights.

If you choose to install traditional lighting, you should expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $10 per strand. However, LED lights will last much longer than incandescent bulbs and require less electricity. This will increase the cost of installation as well.

Cost of installing LED lights

LED Christmas lights use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them a great choice for holiday decorating. They do, however, cost more to purchase upfront, but you will save on energy costs in the long run. You should consider only lighting specific areas of your house during the holidays to save money, and schedule your lights to turn off at set times.

Before hiring an installer, get as much information about them as possible. Ask questions about their customer service and the quality of their work. Find out whether they offer a free cost estimate or an email quote. If possible, look for one that can provide a guarantee. Also, ask about the cost of storing the lights once they are installed.

While some companies try to convince you that permanent lights last longer, most will require major repairs within five or six years. Despite the advertising and marketing campaign, it’s important to understand that LED lights start failing at four years. That means that by the end of year six, you could have 200 LED lights that are no longer working.


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