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How to Market Your Holiday Lighting Service

holiday lighting service

When choosing a holiday lighting service, be sure to select a company that regularly updates their inventory. They should use professional grade products designed for all climates. These lights are also guaranteed to last for several seasons. You’ll be happy you made the decision to use a professional service for your home or business.

Business planning

If you’re thinking of starting a holiday lighting service, you’ll need to plan your marketing strategies. You’ll want to make sure your prices are competitive with your competition. The best way to do this is to understand what the industry averages are. Marketing is important for any business, and holiday lighting service owners should know how to use different strategies to reach their target audience.

You’ll also want to determine your operational costs before beginning your business. This includes things like liability insurance, office setup, initial marketing budget, and employee salaries. It’s also a good idea to study your competition and understand what they’re offering and why. This can give you valuable insight into your customer base and make your marketing strategies more effective.

When planning your business, you should consider how to transport your crew to the customer’s location and how to set up displays that are appealing to customers. Having a good business plan can help you stay on budget and avoid unexpected expenses.

Marketing strategies

Holiday lighting service companies need to use omnichannel marketing strategies to attract new customers and build a loyal client base. These strategies include social media, paid advertising, email marketing, and online listings. By incorporating all of these channels into one marketing strategy, you can increase your business’ effectiveness and ROI.

Sponsorships can help generate top-line revenue, and can be obtained from outside vendors. A holiday light show is a good opportunity for organizations to make some money from concessions and ticket sales. These revenue streams can cover the expenses of the holiday lighting display and the costs of additional security and logistics.

When planning a holiday lighting service, business owners need to conduct a thorough business planning and pricing analysis. They must ensure that their pricing is competitive. They also need to understand the average prices in the industry so they can calculate their costs wisely.


Installation of holiday lights can be expensive, and costs vary greatly from one area to another. The average cost for a single-story home is around $200, while a multi-story residence could run over $1,000. In order to avoid the hassle of handling wiring and removing lights yourself, hiring a professional installation company is a good idea.

Some homeowners hesitate to hire a professional lighting company for holiday lighting, but it can help them save time, as these specialists have the expertise necessary to safely hang and remove holiday lights. Hiring an expert for the job can also help you change your decorating attitude. The pros will not only do the lighting for you, they’ll also take them down after the holidays.

Using Christmas lights can raise your electricity bill significantly. In some areas, such as California, a typical string of lights can add $30 to your bill. But in other states, such as New Hampshire, the cost can be even higher. A typical household with 10 strands of incandescent lights and two inflatables can easily spend upwards of $300.

Customer base

The holiday lighting business is a huge one, so it’s vital to market your services effectively to reach as many potential customers as possible. Depending on the size of your business, your advertising budget, and the area you want to target, you’ll want to use different methods to spread the word. For small businesses, flyers and door signs are a tried and true method. If your budget is a little more substantial, direct mail is another good option. Make sure to design your materials professionally to make a good impression and attract potential customers.

One way to get your name out there is through social media. Facebook and Twitter are great places to promote your business. You can also create a website to promote your Christmas lights. You can also use social media to reach out to your existing customer base. Getting the word out through your social media channels will also help you increase your brand awareness online. You can also place your company name on a yard sign to draw in prospective customers. Be sure to put the company name and website on the sign so that people can easily find it.


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