Lighting is art, with a purpose

Lighting is art, with a purpose

Mike Brennan, LC

Mike Brennan is a Lighting Certified (NCQLP “LC” Designation) professional with over 25 years in the lighting industry. He spent his career specializing in manufacturing energy efficient lighting products. Mike has designed and manufactured millions of lighting fixtures used in both indoor and outdoor applications throughout the world. Mike founded Vividlux in 2021 as an exciting new venture focused on the incredible transformation of the landscape lighting industry. He is excited to partner with his nephew Kevin to creatively transform outdoor spaces with highly innovative solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Kevin Ahrens

Kevin Ahrens is a proud UCF Alum excited to transform a dream into a reality and build upon his entrepreneurial ambitions. He is inspired to pursue what’s never been done before and envisions Vividlux as a vehicle to deliver his many new ideas to our clients. Kevin has invested heavily in educating himself in the exciting and continuously evolving technologies and applications in lighting. He is a natural early adopter and energized by the endless creative possibilities of the Vividlux product offering. Most importantly Kevin is anxious to help our clients enhance their space and enjoy the many benefits outdoor lighting can provide.
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Reflective Lighting

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Silhouette Lighting

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