Lighting is art, with a purpose

Types of Landscape Lighting


There are several different types of landscape lighting. Yard lights can be used to highlight particular areas, and they are also useful for ambiance and mood. Placed at the foot of a feature, yard lights create a spotlight effect by adjusting the beam distance and angle. They can also be used to emphasize hidden features, such as the trunk of a large tree or a dramatic tree silhouette. If used correctly, these types of lighting fixtures can be very dramatic and enhance a landscape.


Spotlights are versatile landscape lighting fixtures, and can accommodate a wide range of bulbs. They are commonly used for accent lighting, silhouetting, grazing, moonlighting, and highlighting specific architectural features. Spotlights can also be used for security purposes, as they provide powerful illumination. A spotlight can also be mounted on a tree, a wall, or a structure. Spotlights are a great way to add dramatic contrast to your landscape and highlight specific architectural features. See more on our home page here.


Some homeowners use wall wash lights to provide an even spread of illumination over a large surface area. These types of fixtures can be used to highlight specific features in your yard. Some people have trouble deciding where to place their lights, but they are generally suitable for any location. They are also versatile enough to be mounted on a floor or staked in the ground. And because they can be plugged into an existing power source, they don’t need to be anchored to a wall.


Paths in the landscape can be made safer by adding path lights to illuminate walkways. Path lighting can also help frame particular features of a lawn or garden. Ground lighting, on the other hand, is used to illuminate tall trees or architectural structures. It’s important not to become overwhelmed by the choices available. Try experimenting with different types of landscape lighting until you find the right one for your home. It’s important to choose the right style and color for your yard.


Wall-wash lights are also good for highlighting walls. They place the light behind the feature to create an attractive silhouette. This effect is best used in dense gardens where shadows may cause damage to delicate plants. Using multiple lights in the landscape can help you achieve a balance of shadow and light. These types of lights can give your property a unique and memorable appearance. It can also help your property stand out among other properties. You can also use them to highlight your favorite artwork or highlight your entryway.


Another type of landscape lighting is hardscape lighting. These lights use small bulbs to light the surfaces around a garden. They’re cheap and can be installed in various locations. A well-lit walkway or garden looks pristine. Another option is a strand of globe lights. These lights add a festive look to your lawn. Moreover, they can be used to illuminate features, such as columns. You can also use these lights for enhancing your yard’s appearance. Click for more.