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5 Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home This Holiday Season

outdoor holiday lighting ideas

If you want to add holiday cheer to your home, outdoor holiday lighting is a great way to do so. It can be purchased at any holiday store or can be made from homemade lanterns. Using bright colors is a great way to bring out the best in your outdoor lighting. Another great idea is to use snowballs as temporary homemade lanterns.

10 unique outdoor holiday lighting ideas

One of the best ways to decorate your outdoor spaces for Christmas is by using Christmas lights. While some people prefer to use traditional colored lights, you can also use unique, festive designs. These ideas range from spooky and wacky to whimsical and fun. For example, you can use purple/green LED mini lights in the shape of ghosts or witches.

You can also hang lighted spheres anywhere in your yard. They can be placed in bushes and on trees for an ethereal effect. You can also hang them on your porch to add a festive contrast. You can also string them onto extra lanterns for a warm glow.

Icicle lights

If you’re planning on lighting up your exterior this holiday season, you may want to consider using icicle lights. They give the look of ice dripping from a roof or overhang, and are durable enough to survive accidental water spills. Moreover, they can also be used to light up your interiors and create a festive mood. While icicle lights have traditionally come in white and blue hues, there are now dripping LED options that can change colors. Some of them twinkle and emit a constant light, while others flicker and blink. LED icicle lights are also a good choice because they consume less power than incandescent bulbs.

If you’re planning to use icicle lights for outdoor holiday lighting, it’s important to know how to connect them. You can use zip ties to attach them to wooden railings or other surfaces. However, you should keep in mind that zip ties should have some wiggle room to avoid pinching the wires. Alternatively, you can also use clips or screw-in hooks to hang icicle lights on wooden surfaces.

Mini LEDs

If you’re thinking about changing up your holiday lighting, consider using mini LED lights for your exterior. These lights offer an alternative to traditional halo and string lights and can create the same look in your yard. While some people prefer warm whites for their exterior lighting, mini LEDs can be used to create a variety of colors.

You can also use mini LED lights for your trees, a simple way to make your tree glow. Mini LEDs are available in warm white and multi-color, and they cast a beautiful, subtle glow. You can also install solar-powered fairy lights to automatically light up when the sun goes down. Using a row of mini LED snowmen along a walkway is another great way to illuminate your walkway or outdoor area. They’re waterproof and automatically turn on at night.


Treehouses have natural structures that are perfect for wrapping lights around. Adding an array of string lights will help you make your treehouse more inviting and add a festive feeling. There are several types of string lights to choose from, including some that are weatherproof. You can also place lights on the deck of your treehouse.

While incandescent lights can give off a soft yellow glow, LED lights can give off a brighter glow and use less energy. If you choose to use battery-powered lights, make sure to read the directions for installation and make sure they are weatherproof. Be sure to look for the IPx (Ingress Protection) rating on the lighting fixture.

Battery operated candles

If you’re looking for a safe and eco-friendly way to light your outdoor space during the holidays, consider battery-operated candles. Unlike traditional candles, which can burn too hot, battery-operated candles use batteries and emit a brilliant light that lasts for up to eight hours. These candles have a plastic candelabra base and feature a C7 incandescent bulb. You can set a timer on these candles to turn them on and off automatically.

Battery-operated candles can also be used in a variety of settings. For instance, they look beautiful as part of a wedding’s decor. The batteries in these candles run for a long time and they’re easy to place anywhere. Additionally, they have a timer, meaning they’ll automatically turn off after eight hours and come back on again at the same time the next day.


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