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Christmas Light Installation – Should You Hire a Professional?

professional christmas light installation

When it comes to Christmas light installation, you can hire a professional. But there are several things to consider before hiring one. For example, you need to create a detailed budget. There are also safety concerns. Before hiring a professional, you should understand how to budget for the project. This will help you avoid wasting time and money. In addition, it is important to choose the right contractor based on the design of your home.

Cost of hiring a professional for christmas light installation

The cost of hiring a professional for Christmas light installation will depend on the size of your home and the number of lights you plan to use. A professional will charge anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. They can install new electrical wires for your lights for an additional fee. A professional will also provide extension cords and stakes to hold your lighting in place. Lighting installation can also involve timers, which can cost from $10 to $30 per unit.

When it comes to choosing a professional, make sure they are insured. Professional installers will carry safety harnesses and are trained to do the job safely. They will also treat your property with the utmost care. A professional installation will also minimize the risk of electrical fire. A professional may even offer a warranty to cover their work.

Hiring a professional for Christmas light installation is an excellent way to make your home look beautiful and festive for the holidays. Not only will you get your lights hung correctly, but a professional will also hang them and remove them once the holidays are over. They will also help you save time by installing holiday lights correctly.

The cost of permanent holiday lights installation depends on a few factors, including square footage and location. While the average price for permanent holiday lights installation is around $413, the price per linear foot can range from $218 to $649. The cost of permanent Christmas light installation typically includes labor and materials. You will also need to consider the cost of holiday light strands themselves.

Need for a detailed budget

If you’re planning on opening your own Christmas light installation business, it’s important to develop a detailed budget. In addition to your actual light installation costs, you’ll want to budget for marketing expenses. Some of these include social media marketing, online advertising, brochures, and flyers. Additionally, you’ll want to spend some money developing your website. While developing a website can be expensive, it gives your business more exposure online. In addition, every business needs a professional logo, and Canvaa’s logo maker can help you create a professional looking one.

To create an accurate price range, compare your Christmas light pricing with the prices of your competitors and determine what your price range is. You’ll also want to consult a CPA to review your pricing structure. They can give you valuable insight on other factors you may have overlooked. After all, your finances are the foundation of your business.

When hiring a company to hang your Christmas lights, ask if they provide sample kits of their products. This can help you choose the correct amount of lights for your specific project. Some Christmas light companies also provide packages that are affordable for most people. These packages include up to 150 feet of lighting installed, bulb replacement when necessary, and removal of the lights after the holidays. Also, be sure to check out the Christmas light installation companies’ specials and discounts before Thanksgiving.

The cost of installing your lights can vary considerably. Several factors, including the number of stories your house has, and the number of strands, can influence the cost. For example, larger houses require more linear feet and more labor, which will ultimately increase the overall price of the project. In addition, two-story houses require additional equipment and safety measures.

Safety concerns

Whether you choose to have a professional Christmas light installation or do it yourself, you should take certain safety precautions. There are several risks involved in holiday decorating, including the risk of electrocution, falls, and shorting. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 44% of the annual fires in the United States occur while people are decorating Christmas trees. In 2012, more than 13,000 people were treated at emergency rooms due to holiday decorations related injuries. Falls while installing Christmas lights can cause traumatic brain injuries or even death.

When hanging holiday lights, it’s important to use clips instead of nails or staples. Electrical cords are prone to damage, and using nails or tacks to secure them can pierce the insulation. You should also use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. Finally, make sure that the strands of lights are firmly fixed to the ground, and install timers or remote controls to turn them off automatically when you’re not at home.

Some landscape contractors choose to offer Christmas light installation services as an add-on service. These pros know the ropes and equipment needed for this work and can handle the challenge without any problems. They can even provide a tree guy on the team to assist them with the installation. These guys are experts at climbing ladders and are equipped with the right equipment. They’re a special breed and may be the best asset on your Christmas light installation team.


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