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10 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Exterior Lighting Contractors

When it comes to home improvement, exterior lighting is a great way to add value and attractiveness to your home. By installing the right type of lighting, you can make your home more welcoming both during the day and at night. However, before you hire an exterior lighting contractor, there are some things you need to know. In this article, we will discuss 10 of the most important things you should keep in mind when choosing exterior lighting contractors for your needs.

1) Make Sure They Are Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Before you hire a contractor for any job, make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. These three things will protect both you and the contractor should an accident happen during the course of the work being done on your home. If your home or property is damaged in some way as a result of the contractor’s work, you can file a claim against the bond to get the money needed to repair any damage done.

2) Get at Least Three Quotes

When it comes to price shopping for exterior lighting, you should get at least three bids. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the best price for your job. You should also make sure that the quotes are coming from each contractor’s most recent jobs. If they have not completed any work lately on a similar scale as yours, their prices will likely be too high.

3) Ask How the Installation Will Be Accomplished

Not all exterior lighting is installed in the same way. When getting quotes for your project, make sure you ask how the work will be done. Also, get a written guarantee that specifies the type of warranty coverage you will receive on the materials and labor.

Holiday Exterior Lighting Contractors
Holiday Exterior Lighting

4) Find Out What Type of Lighting They Use

Before hiring an exterior lighting contractor, find out what type of lights they use. While this is not the most important factor when choosing a contractor, it does help to know what kind of products they are putting in your home. Different types of lights can offer different effects, so make sure you get the visual effect that you are looking for.

5) Check to See if They Have Any Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are not always a reflection on how good of a contractor someone is. However, they do warrant further investigation. Before hiring your exterior lighting contractor, go online and search for any customer complaints. If they have had a number of unresolved issues with their previous customers, you should ask them about it before agreeing to use them.

6) Get the Contract in Writing

Make sure you get your exterior lighting contract in writing and that all details are clear and concise before signing it and sending it back to the contractor. That way, if there are any issues in the future between you and your contractor, you have a signed contract that can be used as evidence in court.

7) Make Sure They Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee

Before hiring your exterior lighting contractors, make sure they offer a satisfaction guarantee. Many contractors will not offer guarantees on their work because it is impossible to come back and redo something once it has been completed. However, as long as you do some research ahead of time and find the right contractor for the job, there are plenty of contractors who will offer some type of satisfaction guarantee.

8) Consider Add-Ons

It is more expensive to hire exterior lighting contractors that only does exterior lighting. That is why many contractors will offer it as an add-on service with another type of home improvement such as a roof replacement or siding installation. If you are looking to make the most of your budget and get more bang for your buck, hiring a contractor that does exterior lighting as part of an overall package deal may be the best thing to do for your wallet.

landscape lightings
landscape lightings

9) Examine Their Portfolio Carefully

If possible, examine the exterior lighting contractor’s portfolio carefully before hiring them. Some types of lighting are better suited to certain types of properties. For example, if you have a brick home or another type of architectural style that requires more delicate landscaping, stone landscaping lights might be the best option for you.

10) Decide Whether You Want an Electrician or a Full-Service Contractor

Finally, decide whether you want an electrician that does exterior lighting or if you want a full-service exterior lighting contractors. The former will do the electrical work and might not be able to help you if the problem with your exterior lighting is structural rather than electrical.

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