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Holiday Lighting Ideas For Your Home

holiday lighting ideas

Besides the traditional Christmas tree and wreath, holiday lighting ideas can include the roof of your house. This massive and underused piece of real estate is the perfect canvas for your holiday lights. Use the space for writing holiday greetings or stringing rows of lights. Be sure to have someone on the ground to supervise your work.

Outdoor marquee signs

One of the best ways to add holiday light displays to marquee signs is to frame them with wood planks. This will not only help hide the wires from the Christmas lights but also help make the sign look finished from the sides. Cut two 2-inch pieces of wood for each letter and fit them flush with the outside edge of the sign. Next, use 2 1/2-inch exterior wood screws to attach them.

You can use gold lights for a more festive feel. You can also use silver lights for a more sophisticated look. You can also use special effects on electronic marquee signs to convey important holiday messages.

Icicle lights

If you want to use Icicle lights as holiday lighting ideas, you can do two things. First, you can use them inside your home. Second, you can use them outdoors, too. These lights can look just like snowflakes. This type of light is available in many colors, including cool blue and purple. You can even hang them from shingles.

Icicle lights are a popular choice for holiday lighting because of their elegant display. They are often used on roofs, awnings, windows, and overhangs. While most people use white icicle lights, you can also find them in red or green. Additionally, you can use icicle lights with cascade light tubes to create a holiday light display on your roof.

Multi-color globe lights

Multi-color globe lights are a fun and festive way to light up your holiday decorations. They can be used to illuminate trees, porches, and other outdoor spaces. They look especially festive when hung near solid surfaces and are more energy-efficient than incandescent varieties. LED lights are also a great option for larger lighting projects. They will last longer and won’t burn out until the next holiday season. They are also a chic, modern way to decorate.

Multi-color globe lights come in a variety of colors, from warm to cool. You can find frosted blue globe lights that create a cool, icy look. Alternatively, you can choose between warm and cool white globe lights to match your décor. You can also buy strands of rope lights to wrap around trees or decorate a deck. Net lights are also great for decorating outdoor plants and pathways. They can be easily twisted into place for a decorative touch.

Starburst lights

Starburst lights are a great way to add a festive feel to any area. This set of starburst lights includes 200 LEDs that are energy efficient and long-lasting. They create a beautiful visual effect and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They come with a ten-metre-long lead so you can hang them from a tree or other branch.

These LED lights have several modes that let you create your desired display. You can choose from a steady on mode, a flowing mode, or a slow fade. You can also choose from four different speed settings. These lights are easy to hang with the help of the metal ring on the end. They are powered by an AC-DC adapter, which comes with a 10 foot cord.

Laser projectors

Holiday laser lights are an excellent way to decorate your home and lawn for the holidays. They can cover thousands of square feet and can be staked into your lawn. Whether you want your home to appear more festive or less, laser lights can make your home look dazzling. Here are some reasons why laser lights are such a great option for your home.

Laser light projectors are easier to install and use than string lights. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from showing team spirit on game day to displaying themed holiday light shows. In addition to holiday lights, you can also use a laser projector for Christmas to make your house look enchanted during the season.


During the holiday season, treehouses can be transformed into beautiful holiday lighting ideas. Many models of treehouses are weatherproof and include natural structures for lighting. Some also have a maze of strings of fairy lights. These lights can be placed inside the treehouse or on a tree in the yard.

One Wakefield family lights up its tree house each year to coincide with its annual holiday open house. The couple takes great pride in lighting the tree house, and they enjoy watching their children play in it during the festive season. The lights will be on during the open house, and they will also be available for a Christmas party.


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