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Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

holiday lighting safety tips

If you are hanging holiday lights outdoors, make sure that you follow a few basic safety precautions. First of all, you need to avoid overloading extension cords and running them through windows or doors. Also, you need to avoid using ladders to hang holiday lights. And finally, it’s important to use a ground fault interrupter outlet for outdoor decorations.

Avoid overloading extension cords

When using extension cords for your holiday decorations, it is important to ensure the right load for the cord. Using a cord that is too heavy can damage the insulation and cause an electrical system failure. Also, make sure that the cord is in good condition before using it. If it is cracked or torn, you should dispose of it properly.

To avoid overloading extension cords, you should buy cords that are UL-approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor-only extension cords do not have enough insulation to protect against the elements and sunlight. You should also be careful not to overload a power strip or wall outlet. It is better to use a dedicated outdoor extension cord. Use no more than three standard lights per cord.

Avoid running extension cords through doors or windows

Running extension cords through windows or doors is a common safety hazard when using holiday lights. It increases the load on existing circuits, which can result in an electrical shock or fire. To minimize the risk of injury, use outdoor outlets when possible, and always uncoil the cord before use.

If you must use extension cords, make sure they’re UL-rated for outdoor use. Don’t use plastic-coated wire, as these aren’t suited for outdoor use. Also, make sure the cords are temperature and damp-proof. It’s also important not to mix incandescent and LED bulbs. If possible, plan your lighting installation well before bad weather. Try to schedule it on a day when the weather is dry and warmer. Also, ask someone to help you if you’re not sure how to hang the lights.

Before installing your holiday lights, take measurements of all doors and windows in your home. You should also make a note of the distance between windows and doors. It’s also a good idea to take note of where the closest exterior outlet is located. You can measure the distance between each outlet and your windows to find out the amperage of each light strand. After that, test each strand to make sure it’s working. You may also want to replace any light strands with damaged or exposed metal wires to ensure that your lights are safe and effective.

Avoid using a ladder to hang holiday lights

The holiday season is a great time to decorate your home, but remember to use caution. Falls are one of the most common injuries while decorating, and one in five people are injured each year while using a ladder. When using a ladder, always ensure that the ladder is stable and level before climbing.

Remember to face the ladder forward when using it, and always grasp the ladder rails with both hands. Also, never stand on the top rung. It is also a good idea to have someone outside to spot your progress. Remember, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a holiday classic, and if you want to avoid being the next Clark, keep these tips in mind.

Be sure to use help to stabilize the ladder, and remember the three-point rule – three parts of your body should be in contact with the ladder at all times. You should also always have a spotter in the area where you are working, and you should wear sturdy shoes. Avoid wearing leather-soled shoes, which are slippery. Instead, use slip-resistant shoes. If the weather is inclement, it is even more important to wear sturdy footwear.

Avoid hanging lights on dry Christmas trees

Hanging lights on dry Christmas trees is a dangerous practice. You run the risk of overheating the lights, even LED ones, and could cause a fire. So always make sure you turn the lights off as you leave the house or go to sleep. You should also avoid leaving the tree unwatered for too long.

To keep your tree fresh, avoid placing it in a room with a heater, such as the fireplace. The heat will speed up the drying process. You should also keep the tree hydrated by regularly adding water to its stand. The best humidity level during the winter months is around 40%. You can also use a room humidifier to add moisture to the air.

Avoid overloading GFCI outlets

Overloaded electrical outlets are a common problem for homeowners, and this time of year is no different. In fact, they’re responsible for thousands of residential electrical fires every year, and many have been fatal. Moreover, overloaded outlets can damage electrical appliances and cause power outages. Luckily, there are several ways to avoid overloading GFCI outlets.

First, check to make sure that no one is overloading the GFCI outlets in your home. The last thing you want is to have an electrical fire in your home. If your GFCI trips repeatedly, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. If you suspect that there’s a problem, unplug your holiday lights from the outlet and reset the GFCI.


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