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How to Add Magic to Your Home With Outdoor Holiday Lighting

outdoor holiday lighting

If you’re planning to add outdoor holiday lighting to your home this year, there are a few factors you should consider. One of these is cost. Decorative outdoor lighting options can range from inexpensive string lights to expensive rope lights. You’ll also want to consider safety issues and permanent holiday light installations. Regardless of your choice, outdoor holiday lighting should create a magical atmosphere and make a lasting impression on the people that visit your home.

Safety of permanent holiday lights

When using Christmas lights, it is important to be careful not to overload the wires. Damaged electrical wiring can result in a dangerous short circuit. To be safe, only use lights with a marked safety rating. Always read the instructions carefully and follow the safety guidelines on the label. These precautions can prevent accidents and injuries.

To prevent an electrical fire, never connect holiday lights end to end. Doing so can damage the wiring and reduce their brightness. Also, do not connect the lights to one another near a fire hazard. If the wires are in close proximity to flammable materials, they can cause a short circuit and potentially cause a fire.

It is also important to use sturdy supports when mounting the lights. Nails or screws can cause electrical shock, so consider using insulated staples instead. You can also use hooks to secure your outdoor lights. Hardware stores usually carry these hooks. Moreover, it is important to remember to use caution when hanging or removing the lights. Avoid pulling on the wires when hanging outdoor holiday lights, since this can put a lot of stress on the connections, creating a fire hazard.

Decorative options for outdoor holiday lighting

For a classic holiday look, consider adding decorative tin lanterns to your porch. Lucy, the DIY guru behind Craftberry Bush, included four of them in her porch display for Christmas. Her lanterns cast a soft glow over boughs of greenery. While you can use traditional candles, LED versions will give you a brighter light and are safer.

In addition to garland, you can also purchase large yard ornaments. These can be tough glass or plastic, and can withstand the cold weather outside. You can also add them to your flower bed, and they will match the colors of your indoor ornaments. This is an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer to your property.

String lights are another great way to add holiday cheer to your home. String lights can be wrapped around your trees, front porch railings, and even the roofline. Children will love to play with the lights, and they can even help string them on short trees.

Cost of rope lights

If you’re planning to decorate your exterior for the holidays, rope lights are an excellent choice. Rope lights have many advantages, including flexibility and 360-degree viewing angles. You can use them on your home’s exterior for accent lighting and even to illuminate cabinet tops. These energy-efficient lights are also easy to install. Their smooth, even shine means that you can decorate any area of your home with the right style of lighting.

Outdoor rope lights are an affordable option for holiday decorating. They can come in many colors and are ideal for decks, steps, and railings. You can also combine strands of different colors to create a seamless wireframe that ties together the entire house. Each strand of rope lights is unique and can brighten any area. You can even stack two, three, or four strands together for maximum illumination.

You can choose a rope light with timers or remote controls to control the lighting’s brightness. If you want to keep your lights on all night, you can hire an electrician to install them for you. Most installation pros will charge about $50 to $100 per hour. In addition, they will provide extension cords and stakes to keep the lights in place. Timers, which charge between $10 and $30, can help you keep track of how long each light is lit.


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