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How to Choose and Install Exterior Holiday Lighting

exterior holiday lighting

If you are planning to put up exterior holiday lighting for your home this season, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration. These factors can include costs, types of exterior Christmas lights, and placement. Read on to learn more about choosing and installing exterior holiday lights. Once you’ve decided on the right style of lights for your home, you’ll be ready to get started.

Cost of outdoor holiday lighting

If you are looking to add some holiday cheer to your house and are worried about the cost of outdoor holiday lighting, consider hiring a professional company to do the work for you. These companies specialize in all phases of the process, from the initial design to the installation and maintenance. They also use higher quality lights and professional-grade products to give your house a festive look. These companies are also covered by liability insurance and workers’ compensation, which protects you against potential lawsuits.

The cost of outdoor holiday lighting can vary depending on the design and the difficulty of the project. Simple strands of lights can cost as little as $500, but more complex strands can run up to several thousand dollars.

Types of outdoor Christmas lights

There are many different types of outdoor Christmas lights that can be used to decorate the outside of your house. You can choose from fairy lights or net lights to create a stunning display. Fairy lights are very popular and can be used on walls and railings as well as strung across trees and bushes. The difference between these types of outdoor Christmas lights is the length, colour, and shape of the individual lights. They also differ in the interlacing of the lights.

Outdoor Christmas lights can come in many different colours and shades, so be sure to coordinate their colours with the rest of your outdoor lighting display. Even if they’re just temporary fixtures, you can also find rechargeable battery-operated lights to prolong their life. The best option for long-lasting lighting is to choose LED lights as they save energy.

Colors of outdoor Christmas lights

If you are looking for the best outdoor Christmas lights, you should know about the different types and colors that are available. You should know that they are not just for the holiday season; they can also be used for other purposes as well. There are different colors to choose from, depending on your preference and your budget. You can also get some lights that come with a remote control to control the lights.

Choosing the right colors is important because the lights will show your personality. For example, green is a great color for Christmas because it represents nature. It is also relaxing and can help relieve the stress of the holidays. It also signifies serenity, rebirth, and good luck. People who love green tend to be successful and calm.

Placement of outdoor Christmas lights

Before hanging your outdoor Christmas lights, you should first decide where you want to place them. You can do this by using a diagram. This will help you remember where you want to put the lights and calculate the materials that you will need. For instance, if you want your lights to hang six inches apart, then you need a string of lights that has six-inch spacing.

Make sure that your lights are secure. You don’t want to damage your home by hanging them on power lines. To prevent damage, use plug protectors on any connections. You can also use weatherproof gaskets or electrical tape to secure your outdoor Christmas lights.

Solar-powered outdoor Christmas lights

Solar-powered outdoor Christmas lights provide a unique way to decorate the outdoors without damaging the environment. These lights are powered by the sun, which helps them last for long periods. The strands can be placed on walls, tree trunks, or crates, and are waterproof. Most of these lights can shine for up to six hours on a full charge. Fortunately, some of these lights also have a built-in backup battery that can provide extra light in case the solar panels run out of power.

These lights are more expensive than traditional plug-in options, but you’ll save in the long run with lower electricity bills. They are usually priced between 30 and 50% higher than conventional Christmas lights. Since Christmas lights are not an expensive item, this price difference isn’t a big deal.


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