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How to Make the Most of Commercial Holiday Lighting

commercial holiday lighting

Commercial holiday lighting is a great way to attract attention and showcase the festive spirit of the holiday season. The more people stop to admire your display, the more customers you can expect. Commercial holiday lighting is a powerful marketing tool that can be used not just by businesses, but also by municipalities and office buildings. Here are a few ways to make the most of it:


If you want to make your business more profitable, you should consider investing in high-quality lights. If you are unsure about the types of lights you should use, you can ask the representatives of lighting companies to show you some samples. Once you know which lights work best for your business, you can charge customers for them. If you have enough money to invest in lights, you can also consider establishing a franchise. The Shine franchise, for example, costs approximately $15,000 and comes with some nice perks.

Many people install holiday lights themselves, but it’s not easy to compete with the professional results of a certified company. These companies have extensive training, the right equipment, and the proper safety procedures. Plus, they won’t require you to use dangerous ladders or climb on rooftops.


Holiday lighting can be expensive. In most cases, a single installation will cost between $200 and $400, depending on the square footage of your property and whether you provide your own lights or hire a professional to do the work. You should also consider the type of lights you use, as LED lights typically cost more than traditional incandescent lights, but they use less energy.

Incandescent lights are the most common type of holiday lighting. They can be purchased in various sizes and colors, and will cost you between five and twenty dollars per strand. They use more energy than other types of lighting and tend to burn out sooner. You can also get mini incandescent lights, which cost less than ten dollars per strand.


Hiring professional holiday lighting installers can save you time and energy this holiday season. These companies have years of experience in installing holiday lights and will ensure that your home is as festive as possible. Not only will they take care of the installation, but they will also save you the trouble of replacing broken bulbs.

Professional holiday lighting installers can provide your business with a dazzling display that will last all season. Professionals can also take care of the installation and takedown of the lights.


Commercial holiday lights are a huge safety risk for both the property and the people who use them. They can cause fires and property damage if not installed properly and safely. To prevent this problem, you should avoid buying cheap lights and stick to lights that have been tested by the Underwriters Laboratory or Intertek. In addition, you should never leave your lights on unattended. Make sure there is always someone in the house who will be able to keep an eye on them in case of a fire. Also, holiday lights should be replaced immediately after they burn out and must be of the proper wattage.

If you are planning to use Christmas lights to adorn your property, you need to make sure you buy ones that are compatible with the wire insulation. Otherwise, you risk damaging the insulation on the wire and creating a fire hazard.


Holiday lighting installation services can be expensive. On average, you’ll spend between $150 and $420 per linear foot. This doesn’t include the cost of lights or labor. Professional installation services can cost as much as $1,500 or more for multi-story projects. Whether you need a simple Christmas tree or a more elaborate display, hiring a professional will reduce the cost of installation while ensuring safety.

The first step in maximizing the cost-effectiveness of holiday lighting is planning. By planning your display ahead of time, you’ll avoid unnecessary purchases and spend your budget wisely.


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