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LED Advanced Holiday Lighting

led advanced holiday lighting

LED advanced holiday lighting is energy efficient and uses less power than traditional Christmas lights, allowing you to have more lights on your tree. LED lights also come in different colors, such as cool and warm white. Warm white lights are generally amber in color, while cool white lights tend to be more white. They do not affect the color of multicolored lights or traditional incandescent mini lights, however.

Falling Rain Lights

Falling Rain Lights are LED Christmas lights that look like icicles. The LED tubes create the appearance of falling rain or snow and can be hung from trees and gutters. Each string contains eight LED tubes with 18 lights each, making for a total of 144 lights. The light strings can be used for year-round decor, too.


Whether you’re decorating for a holiday party, wedding reception, or just a patio, battery operated LED lights are a great way to give your holiday decorations a festive touch. They offer flicker-free lighting and can last for days or weeks, depending on the type of battery you purchase. These lights also come in sleek M5 and classic C7 styles, and come with thick-gauge wire for durability and weather resistance.

This innovative product comes with a three-step dimmer and a timer. The lights can be turned on and off automatically. They also feature nine color/blinking modes and a remote control. You can set them to blink or stay steady on for a warm white glow. You can also customize their colors, as well as their timing, with a timer. The LED lights are also pastel in color, which makes them less noticeable in daylight.

When hanging Christmas lights, use a safety ladder and remember to follow the correct precautions to avoid falling. Do not lean your ladder against the house at a high angle or rest it against gutters. This could cause a shock hazard. Also, make sure to untangle all the lights and make sure to cover them with protective material.

Falling Rain

LED Falling Rain lights are like icicle lights on steroids, with 144 LEDs that give off a rain effect. They hang from trees or gutters and feature waterproof connectors. They are durable, cost-effective, and corrosion-resistant, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

LED advanced holiday lighting offers long-lasting illumination and flicker-free technology. These lights are perfect for holiday tree decorating, wreaths, and patio decorations. You can choose from traditional C7 bulbs or sleek, modern M5 bulbs, and all of them have thick-gauge wire for safety.


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