Lighting is art, with a purpose

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Terms & Definitions

Lighting Terms and Definitions

are solar landscape lights any good

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Raving Reviews

Very professional, clean workmanship. Very careing and the followup was nice.
Frank Ruperto
Frank Ruperto
16:47 04 Apr 24
I recently hired Parker and his team to hang bistro lights for our home, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Parker was incredibly professional, efficient, and the end result was absolutely stunning. The attention to detail and expertise they demonstrated truly transformed the ambiance of our space. I highly recommend them for their top-notch service, communication, and impeccable workmanship – a five-star experience all around!
22:59 07 Mar 24
Awesome experience working with Parker!! Will definitely use next year!
Jasmine North
Jasmine North
05:06 16 Jan 24
Amazing to work with and very reasonable. Definitely using vividlux for future years holidays.
Ramon Ferrer
Ramon Ferrer
23:33 15 Jan 24
We were so thrilled with our Christmas lights! Really made our holidays super festive and the process was so easy! Looking forward to continued service next year! Thank you Parker and crew!
Amanda Koenig
Amanda Koenig
23:04 13 Jan 24
Great team, very responsive. Would definitely use again.
Avind Rampersad
Avind Rampersad
01:49 10 Jan 24
Fantastic lighting ! Loved working with the team !
Bernadette Rampersad
Bernadette Rampersad
01:04 10 Jan 24
Kevin and Parker were very informative and pleasant to work with in design ideas for exterior home lighting and have been thrilled with their work! Have already had neighbors give positive feedback and wanting to elevate their home lighting too.
18:17 05 Jan 24
VividLux set up our Christmas lights. It was our first time and we are completely mesmerized! So much so that we hired them a 2nd time to help us update our landscaping lights, as well. Next job on our list is our backyard. They are friendly and efficient. They will help you explore design ideas. Thanks, guys! -Diana
Diana R Gomez
Diana R Gomez
00:23 22 Dec 23
We absolutely love our Christmas lights this year!!! We had a tree lighting ceremony. Our entire family saw them for first time together. We were all blown away with how beautiful the lights looked. Amazing and very professional work by VividLux team!!! Highly recommend them!!!
15:16 15 Dec 23
Our Christmas lights look absolutely beautiful and elegant. It was so nice not to worry about the hassle of doing them ourselves! Parker and Kevin did the lights within a couple of hours and it’s worth every dollar!!
Becca Thomas
Becca Thomas
15:05 30 Nov 23
Kevin and Parker were here yesterday to put up Christmas lights, and wreaths. We had an appointment for early in the afternoon. Kevin kept me updated on the expected ETA.I must say, our Christmas lights never looked so good. With the LEDs, I won't need an equity loan to pay the light bill.I highly recommend VividLux for outdoor lighting.
Dino D'Errico
Dino D'Errico
10:41 30 Nov 23
Parker and Kevin do a great job. They make our house look like a wonderland plus they are so friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend!
Susanna Madden
Susanna Madden
15:57 05 Nov 23
Parker and Kevin were excellent from the design to implementation. They were timely, friendly, and worked with us on our budget. The final product looks fantastic!
Kai Fu
Kai Fu
01:50 08 Sep 23
This company is the BEST!!! Definitely recommend!!! Great customer service!!!
Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez
15:38 03 Sep 23
VividLux delivered exactly what we were looking for. Parker and Kevin were great to work with. They suggested the layout, came and set up a demo and were patience while we asked for placement changes and additions. The install went smoothly, they came back later that night to ensure all the positioning was exactly where we wanted it and got us set up with the app so we can control the lights from our phones. I highly recommend upgrading to the LED color changing lights (well worth the extra cash). I will certainly be using them again.
Ann Gainey
Ann Gainey
17:25 30 Aug 23
Had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and Parker during a Christmas light install / removal crisis they bailed us out of with a different company we had been using for many years. Both Kevin and Parker are amazing individuals and, together, they make a team of honest, thorough and high integrity leaders/owners of VividLux. This led to a complete landscaping light renovation this week which has truly transformed our safety and comfort. Great communicators, great follow up and great team. I highly recommend them for their industrial knowledge and their services. You won’t be disappointed in VividLux. They rock.
Jim MacPhee
Jim MacPhee
20:14 31 Jul 23
Parker and his team were great. They were able to quickly come out and give me an estimate for repairs, get the parts, and make the repairs before other companies could schedule an estimate. Parker was very professional and courtesy through the entire job. He even took extra time to show us how to program our system and change the light colors since it was installed by a previous home owner. I highly recommend Vividlux to anyone looking to install or replace any landscaping needs.
Forrest Best
Forrest Best
19:56 15 May 23
Kevin and Parker provided top-notch service for our full outdoor landscape lighting. Great response time, competitive pricing, and all around great people to work with. Will def use again for special holiday lighting and any other needs from now on. The product quality and installation is above and beyond. Highly recommend!!!
Leilani Flores
Leilani Flores
21:34 15 Aug 22
Extremely impressed with their abilities. It REALLY makes a difference with my house and I’ve gotten so many compliments from neighbors. Kevin was great at communicating and executing the plan!
Jbano 15
Jbano 15
15:06 09 Jul 22
Edward O'Dea
Edward O'Dea
13:50 29 Jun 22
Anthony Curcio
Anthony Curcio
00:14 24 Apr 22
Love the colored lights! Cant wait to show them off. Would highly recommend.
Mackenna T
Mackenna T
17:51 22 Apr 22
Very customer oriented and a great experience. Designer helped us figure out the lighting our yard needed and not just what could be done. Installation was seamless and simple.
Dominique Meilinger
Dominique Meilinger
18:35 15 Feb 22
Vivid Lux has been nothing but amazing! The crew is friendly, responsive, and caring. The designer really took time to help us figure out the lighting our specific yard needed. 10/10!!
Margarete Meilinger
Margarete Meilinger
18:34 15 Feb 22
We used VividLux and dealing with Kevin was a very easy process. He handled everything from design to the installation without hiccups.
Ashtyn Maccagnano
Ashtyn Maccagnano
13:08 06 Feb 22
Kevin was super friendly and honest in quoting us for some outdoor lighting in our front yard. Their staff is super friendly and will knock the job out. Highly recommend their work!!!
Abby Conroy
Abby Conroy
16:35 05 Feb 22
Vivid luxe is a truly professional company for landscape lighting. I want to thank Kevin for the way that he assisted us from start to finish. Definitely worth every penny. Would recommend this company to anyone wanting to get landscape lighting done.
Sam Marten
Sam Marten
21:02 01 Feb 22

Will Landscape Lighting Help My Home?

Your home deserves to look its very best. With landscape lighting, your home will find its own personality and admiration will touch your heart. Along with falling in love with your home all over again, you will find many other benefits with professional landscape lighting.

Highlights Your Decor – Using your new landscape lighting to show off your flowerbeds and lawn furniture will draw more attention to your home, showing its beauty.

Enhance Property Value – Outdoor lighting will bring more value to your home while accenting the beauty of it

Deters Crime – Landscape lighting will keep suspicious people and activity away from your home.

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