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Types of Christmas Holiday Lighting

christmas holiday lighting

If you are a fan of Christmas lights, you’ve probably noticed that there are many different types of Christmas holiday lighting to choose from. There are some truly spectacular displays throughout the country. Some span acres of land and contain more than a million lights. Others are a bit less impressive, but all are a great way to bring holiday cheer to your home.

Historical background

Decorative lighting during the holidays has a long and storied history. Thomas Edison patented an electric light bulb in 1879, which led to the commercialization of the Christmas light. Although expensive, these electric lights became more widely available and affordable in the 1920s. The Great Depression and two world wars were difficult times for many people, but they found comfort in the traditions associated with Christmas. Decorating trees and using decorative lights became an important part of the holiday tradition.

Before Christmas holiday lighting became a commercial industry, candles were used to illuminate trees. These candles were held upright by heavy weights, which meant someone needed to watch them, in case a fire broke out. The practice of decorating trees with Christmas lights became a more widespread and commercialized process after 1879, with advertisements becoming widespread. This popularity led to the development of newer and more efficient methods of creating dazzling displays.


While Christmas tree-lit streets might be the most familiar sight during the holiday season, there are many other types of Christmas holiday lighting. Some of these are animated, while others are just static. If you want to create an animated display, you can install special lights that are programmed to synchronize with music.

The most common kind of Christmas holiday lighting is string lights. String lights are made up of individual bulbs on a strand of wire. The bulbs are usually strung from one end to another to connect to an electrical outlet. String lights can also be connected to form a longer design. Some types are waterproof, so you can put them anywhere you want.

Incandescent lights are the least expensive and easiest to install. They emit a warm, soft glow and are best for indoor and outdoor decoration. Incandescent lights are also more fragile than LEDs, so make sure you choose the right bulbs. If you plan to use them on trees and shrubs, make sure you leave at least six to eight inches between bulbs.


Using energy-efficient holiday lights will help you conserve energy and cut energy costs. Consider using holiday lights with timers, which will turn them off automatically at the end of the evening. You can also use reflective items to increase the brightness of existing lighting. And if you want to add even more energy-efficiency to your holiday displays, you can choose festive floodlights.

Before buying holiday lights, calculate how much energy they use by checking the wattage. Knowing how many watts your lights use will help you calculate the amount of electricity they will use each day. LED holiday lights are among the best options for reducing power consumption.


Christmas is associated with colors of love and light. Red and green have long been traditional colors for Christmas. Red is associated with Santa Claus and represents love and romance. Green, on the other hand, represents eternal nature and is associated with money and good luck. Each color has its own unique meaning and a deep connection with the season.

Some people choose to use red Christmas holiday lighting to show passion, energy, and intelligence. Red has also been associated with love and contentment in western culture. It was also used to decorate paradise trees, a symbol of the bread eaten during Christian Communion or the Christian Mass.


While hanging Christmas holiday lighting is an exciting tradition, it should also be done with care to prevent accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately half of the injuries associated with holiday decorating involve falls. Therefore, it is essential to hang holiday lights on a lower level, if possible. In addition, it is advisable to use extension cords that are properly grounded.

Before hanging Christmas lights, check for fraying, as this can result in electrical shorts. These can damage the holiday decorations and create a fire hazard. Also, make sure that the lights aren’t hung near flammable materials or other hazards that could catch fire.


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